Looking for Galaxy S6 cases to protect your phone? You need look no further than here, as we offer a wide range of Galaxy S6 cases with a raft of protective features. Whether you’re looking for a simple everyday case to protect against accidental knocks and bumps, or a case with high levels of protection against everything nature can throw at it, we have something to offer. We believe that all S6 owners should be investing in Galaxy S6 cases. These days, our phones often carry our whole lives in them. Not only do we make calls and send texts, we might also use social media, take pictures and videos, watch movies, or use our phones for work. Losing it for even two days while it’s being repaired can be a struggle for some of us. Not to mention the expense we have to go to if the screen gets damaged, or we need a replacement. It’s better that we protect our S6s in the first place, buying Galaxy S6 cases that suit our lifestyles. That way it will always stay safe, and there’ll be no need for added inconvenience or expense.

So, how do our Galaxy S6 cases protect your phone?

First, all of our Galaxy S6 cases offer drop proofing and shock proofing. We know just how easy it is to drop your phone by accident. Then you bend down to pick it up, only to find a smashed screen or black, unresponsive screen, and your heart sinks. We don’t want that to happen to you. With protective features such as screen guards, raised bevels, metal frames and absorbent layers, all our Galaxy S6 cases protect your phone against drops. But not all Galaxy S6 cases offer the same amount of protection. Check each case individually to find one that’s right for you. If you anticipate that you might drop your phone from heights of 6ft or more, you’ll want the highest level of drop protection. Look out for:

  • Metal bumpers - A bumper is the part of the phone case that surrounds all the edges and corners of your Galaxy S6. This takes the hit in a drop. The wider and stronger the bumper, the better it is at keeping your phone intact. A metal bumper made of aluminum alloy is often the strongest choice, especially if it is thick.
  • Metal frames - If you choose one of our Galaxy S6 cases without a metal bumper, one with a metal frame inside is a great choice.
  • Multiple layers - As a general rule (with exceptions), the more layers a phone case has, the better it can resist drops.
  • TPU inner layers - TPU is one of the most popular materials used in drop and shock proof Galaxy S6 cases, and with good reason. Its absorbency gives it power to take the hit from even the most violent drops and disperse the shock away from your phone.
  • Corner cushioning - Air pockets in corners give additional protection in this weak area.
  • Raised bevels - Raised portions of the phone case are included in almost all of our Galaxy S6 cases. This is an easy way to prevent the screen directly hitting the ground, which would almost certainly break it.

If you want further protection, you’re covered too. Some of our Galaxy S6 cases make your S6 waterproof. Using advanced sealing protection, these cases close off the ports and gaps in your phone, making it air and water tight. How does it work? You might not have thought of this before, but if you look at your Galaxy S6 closely, you’ll see just how many little gaps there are in it. For example, the headphone port and the charging port. What about even smaller openings, like the speakers and the microphone? The tiny gaps between the buttons and the phone itself? If you put your S6 underwater, all the water would flood in through these gaps and wreck your phone. But waterproof cases cover over all these gaps, so water doesn’t have a chance of getting in. You can still use your buttons and ports, but they are covered when they need to be, to ensure your phone stays protected. This protection also makes the Galaxy S6 cases resistant to snow and ice.

All adventurers out there will be glad to know that some of our Galaxy S6 cases offer even more protection. Galaxy S6 cases that are waterproof are also generally dust proof, snow proof, mud proof, dirt proof and sand proof. That means you can take your S6 out with you on all your adventures, and not have to worry about it getting damaged. Some of our other Galaxy S6 cases also offer dirtproofing, even though they’re not waterproof. This is great, but you shouldn’t depend on them in muddy, wet conditions. We think it’s better to be safe than sorry, so we’d advise you to get a waterproof case for that kind of situation.

Remember, you don’t have to stick to just one case. Many people switch out cases for different situations. For example, you might have a drop proof case for everyday use. Then, when you head to the beach for the weekend, you switch out to your waterproof case.

Whatever kind of protection you’re looking for on Galaxy S6 cases, we’ve got something to suit you. Go ahead, take your time to browse our Galaxy S6 cases and find the one that is the right fit for you and your S6. Or maybe more than one. You’re the only person who truly knows your lifestyle and what you need your phone for. You are the expert on you and your phone, so it makes sense that you choose which of our Galaxy S6 cases works best for you.