iPhone 5/5s/SE cases are the best way to protect your iPhone if you have a 5, 5s or an SE. When you buy an iPhone, it’s an investment in some of the best technology available in the world right now. There’s no way you want any damage to come to it. The good news is that protecting your investment couldn’t be easier or more affordable. Our iPhone 5/5s/SE cases come in a variety of price ranges, the lowest priced of which are under $20. That’s great value when they give you the confidence that your device worth hundreds of dollars is protected.

Our iPhone 5/5s/SE cases offer a massive range of protective features. After all, that’s the whole point of iPhone 5/5s/SE cases, isn’t it? But different cases come with different levels and types of protection. It’s important for you to know what types of protection you need in your next phone case, so you can be confident that you’re buying the right one for you.

In terms of protection, our iPhone 5/5s/SE cases are…

Drop proof – All of our iPhone 5/5s/SE cases have this capability, though some are more protective than others. Look out for screen guards, bumpers, raised bevels and absorbent layers. All these features are super protective and will keep your iPhone fighting fit. Drop proofing is probably the most universally required protective feature. This is for two reasons. 1. Because it is so easy to drop your phone that nearly everyone’s done it in the past, or will do it in the future. 2. Because when you drop a phone, a cracked screen or total device failure is often the result. Just one drop can be very costly to you, but with one of our iPhone 5/5s/SE cases wrapped around your phone, it doesn’t have to be. Your device will stay protected and functional. But you should also keep in mind that iPhone 5/5s/SE cases all have different levels of drop proofing. If you’re looking for the most protective cases, look out for our iPhone 5/5s/SE cases with thick protective bumpers, especially made of metal. These run around the outside of the edges and corners of your iPhone. These are the most vulnerable points, susceptible to the most damage. But with a hefty frame around them, they’re very much strengthened and able to resist the harsh forces in drops.

Waterproof – Some of our iPhone 5/5s/SE cases are waterproof. The iPhone is water resistant, but not waterproof, and there’s a big difference. Water resistance means that your phone can resist splashing, rain, and maybe the occasional dunking. But it certainly doesn’t give you a free pass to dive underwater with it, or start snapping underwater pictures. The iPhone really wasn’t made for that, unless you put a waterproof case on it. Apple warranties don’t cover water damage, either, so if you’re planning an underwater photo shoot or snorkeling video, make sure to pick one of our iPhone 5/5s/SE cases with waterproofing. The fact that Apple doesn’t cover water damage shows that they are not confident in how well the iPhone can stand up to water. We hope that you are not confident about it, too! That false confidence could lead to the death of your iPhone, if you just brazenly take it in the water, hoping for the best. But with one of our waterproof iPhone 5/5s/SE cases, you can be truly confident. Once you receive your iPhone 5/5s/SE case in the mail, conduct a water test with a piece of tissue inside of the case instead of your phone. Once you’ve done that successfully, the case is good to use, and you can be assured your phone will stay safe when you want to take it underwater.

Other protections - Many of our iPhone 5/5s/SE cases also offer you a load of other protective features. All of the waterproof cases we offer also block out many other dangers to your iPhone. This is because of the air-tight design of waterproof cases. Since nothing can wiggle its way through, your phone is pretty much protected against anything. For the intrepid adventurers among us, you’ll be glad to know that dirt, mud and dust are blocked out. So whether you’re hiking through the dripping wet jungle, hitting the forest on a quad bike, or getting tough on the assault course, our dirtproof iPhone 5/5s/SE cases have got you covered. Bring on the adventures!

Ice and snowproofing is another feature that automatically comes with all our waterproof iPhone 5/5s/SE cases. When you drop your phone in the snow, the heat of it will melt the ice into water. If you didn’t have a case, this would then make its way into your phone, possibly damaging it forever. But with one of our waterproof iPhone 5/5s/SE cases around it, winter doesn’t have to be a problem.

Now we’ve run through the protective features available, you’re probably eager to look through our iPhone 5/5s/SE cases and decide which one you’re going to buy next. We have a whole range of iPhone 5/5s/SE cases, in a wide variety of colors and styles. If you love clear cases, we’ve got some of those for you, or if you prefer bright colors or understated, unobtrusive cases, we’ve got those, too. Also, take a look at the wide variety of prices. We have iPhone 5/5s/SE cases for under $20 if you’re on a budget, while some cost a bit more, so you can get higher quality materials and more protective features. Now you can take the time to browse through our iPhone 5/5s/SE cases and see which is the right choice for you and your iPhone.